Mark it off my Bucket List!

hello loves!

Ever since I found out where my favorite movie, The Notebook, was filmed I wanted to visit. A lot of the movie was filmed around Charleston, which seems so fitting since this town really has a romantic and “old time” feel to it. I have always loved the South, but Charleston has definitely captured my heart.

Many outdoor scenes from The Notebook were filmed at the Boone Hall Plantation, which to my surprise, is located right next to the bed & Breakfast I am staying at. How perfect is that?! So yesterday before I got caught up in the fashion whirlwind that is taking place downtown, I finally got to visit Boone Hall Plantation and it was amazing!

The beauty is just breath-taking! Everywhere you turn is beautiful from the lane of oaks draped in Spanish Moss to the gardens and of course the mansion. The mansion was used as Allie Hamilton family’s summer home in The Notebook and was the main draw for me when it came to visiting the plantation. I was also eager to learn about the history of not only the mansion, but also the history of the whole plantation including about the slaves that worked there.

One of the first things I did when I got there was listen to a man speak about how the slaves in general came to the U.S. and what their days were like on the plantation. I learned so much in that short interactive talk than I did in all the years I was in school. The next thing I did was sit in a rocking chair on the front porch of the mansion just soaking in the gorgeous view. Then I took the guided tour of the mansion, where you get to see the first level of the home and learn about the different families that lived there. I was bummed that there was a no photos policy inside the mansion, though.

After the tour ended I aimlessly roamed the property admiring the oaks (one of them is over 600 years old!) and gorgeous flower gardens before I found my way to the Butterfly Cafe where I got a cold bottle of water to drink as I waited for the coach tour to begin. During this tour you get to view the entire plantation while your guide answers your questions, offers fun facts and tells you about the land.

Visiting Boone Hall Plantation exceeded all of my expectations and I loved every second of it! This place was on my bucket list of things to do in my lifetime and as I checked it off my list I replaced it with getting engaged to on the front porch of the mansion. 🙂 I highly recommend visiting Boone Hall Plantation to everyone! For me, it was exactly what I needed, I have been anxious and stressed about this trip but visiting here was very peaceful and serene that all my stress melted away.

I plan on creating a slide show of all the photos I took when I get back home, but I’ll leave you with a little taste of what is to come!





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