Take a Hike…

I wanted to go hiking today. I’ve wanted to hit the trails and be completely surrounded by nature for a couple weeks now. I even have a new coat and have two pairs of new-to-me hiking boots so I can be in nature this winter. But, something whether it was work, holidays, or crappy weather has gotten in my way. Nature just does something to me. It’s an instant Ativan without actually having to take an Ativan. If I go long periods or through emotional shit, I start to crave it. Like, if I could crawl inside Mother Earth I would kind of crave.

Today, I just needed nature. Even if it’s my own backyard with AK rumblings, I needed it. I didn’t care that it’s cold-ish outside. Or that I just took a shower and my hair was still wet. Or that I was only in a tank top and leggings. Or that the sky was spitting cold rain. I needed to dig my toes into the ground. I needed all the grounding, calming energy that Mama Gaia could send me. This Cancer moon came in like a wrecking ball, which was pretty rude. But she got me outside with my toes in the mud. 

PS – I‘ve also felt the incredibly intense need to write again. So here I am, bitches. I can’t promise there will be any rhyme or reason to this or that it’ll amount to anything more than just my thoughts. But I can promise, I’m doing it for me.

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