Crunchy AF: DIY Dry Shampoo

Hello loves!

CC42D9A1-3994-4EE2-B986-395CE23836FCHow often do you wash your hair? For me, it’s about once a week. Do you use dry shampoo to get you by until you wash your hair again? I know I used to. Yup past tense. I stopped because 1. They’re filled with chemicals and 2. They make my hair feel gunky. I’ve tried so many dry shampoos I just gave up. Luckily my hair can last a good 5 days without needing washed because of oiliness.

My hair wasn’t always like that, you can’t just go from washing your hair every day or even every other day and expect your hair to automatically handle switching to a week. It’s something you build up to so your body can naturally adjust your pH as well as your scalp’s oil production. I promise you though, your hair will thank you. It’s so much healthier when you’re not constantly stripping it by washing it all the time. Now I’m not saying you can do workouts that drench you in sweats or roll around in a flower field like a hippie without washing your hair. Too much sweat damages your hair and if you’re pulling blades of grass (or anything else!) out of your hair that’s your cue to wash your mane more.

Anyways, I digress. Back to the dry shampoo. Like I said, I’ve tried just about every dry shampoo I’ve ever laid my eyes on and wasn’t a fan of any of them. They all left my hair feeling rough. Some made it feel gunkier than others but gunk was definitely the common denominator. So I pitched them all in the trash and just started throwing up messy buns when day 5 usually hit.

I’ve seen recipes for years now if diy dry shampoo and either shrugged it off as it wouldn’t work or would make my roots white or it would make my hair feel some kind of way. When I started seeing recipes for dark hair dry shampoo it peaked my interest. But I saw it was unsweetened cocoa powder that allowed it to be for brunettes. Of course I thought, “yeah, that’s really going to do my self-control a favor by smelling like chocolate.” 🙄 But then one of my friends made it and her hair didn’t smell like chocolate. Okay, full disclosure, when you stuck your nose right up in it it smells a very small hint of chocolate. But when you put essential oils in the powder mixture it overpowers any hint of chocolate as you’re wearing it. This convinced me I needed to try it.

I did research and scoured for diy recipes to put together a recipe to try. Once I decided what I wanted, I gathered up ingredients and went to work! I decided to go with arrow root, unsweetened cacao, activated charcoal, and jasmine essential oil. Arrow root is great at absorption (I look for this as one of the main ingredients in deodorant), for a little extra absorption power and to help mix the mixture a little darker I added activates charcoal, unsweetened cacao powder because I’m a brunette, and jasmine because I LOVE 😍 the smell. So that’s why I added each ingredient, now I’ll tell you how much I added of each.

2 tbsp unsweetened cacao
1 tbsp arrow root
4-5 capsules of activated charcoal
2 drops jasmine essential oil by Young Living


I mixed all together in a bowl then spooned into a shaker. I reused the organic cumin shaker I finished last week. Ran it through the dishwasher, peeled off the label and ta-da!

Do you make your own dry shampoo? What do you use to make yours?


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