Howl at the Moon

Hello loves,

Yup, I’m back at it! This year is kicking off with lots of energy. It’s the very first day of a new year and the very first moon of the calendar year. It’s also a super moon (because of the distance to Earth) and it’s a true blue moon. Yup, a blue moon happens when one calendar month has two full moons (January 1 and January 31)!

Tonight’s moon is traditionally called the full wolf moon by the Native Americans because of the howling wolves to the moon (its breeding season). You might also see it referred to as Old Moon, Ice Moon, Snow Moon, and/or the Moon after Yule.

This moon is just after a Mercury Retrograde so take a deep breath and relax. This is the perfect opportunity to set your intentions long term for the whole year of 2018 as well as short term intentions for the next 30 days. New Year’s often brings the desire to reflect on life. Decide what is working for you and embrace it and continue to work on it. Decide what is no longer working for you, intended for you, or needed by you and release it into the energy. Let. That. Shit. Go.

Take it a step further, write down what no longer serves you or what you intend to let go. Take a deep breath and light it on fire and let it go. Sometimes we need to visually see it. And that’s okay. Before your head hitting the pillow focus on your intentions and goals for the month and the year. Ask God, The Universe, Divine Source, or whatever your higher power is to send you dreams or signs of what is meant of you this month and how to work on your goals. In the morning take a moment to think about it, pray about it, or meditate on it.

As always, this is always the perfect time to set your crystals and healing stones outside for a special moon bath to cleanse and charge with the highest good of intentions.



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