Top 4 Spring 2023 Nail Trends

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Spring has bloomed and so have spring 2023 nail trends. Out with the dark, rich tones of a gloomy winter and in with the breath of fresh air! Last year saw a lot of bright fluorescent colors on very long nails… the trends hitting nail beds this year are a little more dialed back but just as much all the rage. Whether it’s the It color this season (green) or well groomed short manicures to nail jewelry I’ve got all the deets on this spring’s top nail trends!

Lip Gloss Nails
Apparently we can thank Hailey Bieber for this trend becoming red hot this season. It’s beautiful neutral nail colors (think an array of nude lipglosses) whether it’s a sheer pink or a pearlescent white with a high shine gloss on short well-kept nails they’re going to be anywhere and everywhere. If you’re into painting your nails, I’m obsessed with this nude collection from Nicole Miller, it also comes with a few shimmer ones that would be great as a sheer coat over color. If you’re having a press-on moment (and honestly, who could blame you?) I am loving these delicate white press-ons with an almond shape.

Velvet Nails
Keeping on with the shimmer trend, velvet nails are hot this season and according to nail artists they’re not hard to achieve at home. Although, you will need a special magnetic nail polish to make them work. But once you get them down you can do velvet all over or use the magnetic nail polish to draw designs. This magnetic nail polish collection comes with 6 colors (all perfect for spring) and a magnet want to create the cat eye or the velvet look.

Nail Accents
Floral nail decals are going to be everywhere. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used a nail sticker (like since elementary school) but I find myself getting lost browsing through them. If you’re wanting to be on trend this season go for either a delicate floral design or a more 70s vibe floral. Listen, my inner child is going absolutely wild over using nail art stickers again. I’m loving this delicate floral collection (with 12 sheets of options!), these 70s vibe daisies, and these minimalist abstract art decals.

In 2022 we saw lots of texture in nail trends, specifically 3D nail art and nail jewelry. Those are not going away any time soon. Though they are a bit toned down for spring 2023. Think not as busy as last year, a simple nail ring or chain or 3D rose nail art. Personally, I am so in love with these lace-like 3D flower decals – they add just that little extra something that brings a home manicure alive. Can you go wrong with rhinestone nail art? I mean, is that even possible? Want something with more edge to it? Have no fear… these 3D nail chains are just what you need.

These top 4 nail trends for 2023 are all chef’s kiss. You literally cannot go wrong with any of them. Whether you’re more of a DIY nail person or if you’re showing your favorite nail tech manicure inspirations for your next appointment these nails are sure to look good.

Lip Gloss Nails @salonkosmetikazamosc
Velvet Nails @blushbybianca
Nail Accents @your.nails.are.rad
Texture @shearfringesalon

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