Real Housewives Hair Dreams

Hello loves!

As you all know I change my hair often. I’ve had short bobs, long hair, mermaid colored, peek-a-boo fun colors, and I’ve rocked my own share of natural colors. Yes, while hair is just hair, I also consider hair to be a great accessory. In fact, sometimes I’ll even argue that your hairstyle makes or breaks a look. For a lot of people there’s a strong emotional tie to hair, when you have a bad hair day it affects your mood and losing hair can send someone into depression. As vain as it is, it’s still the truth.

Real talk… when my grandma died four years ago I sank into a major depression that lasted a long time. During this and because of this depression my hair started thinning. I damn near lost my mind. It takes getting used to going from thick hair to thin hair. Luckily, as the depression lifted and with a few changes I’ve had quite a bit of regrowth. It’s no where near as thick as it used to be but it’s also not as thin as it was. To be honest, even with thick hair I was always envious of girls who have lots and lots of hair. I like to call this level of hair Real Housewives Hair. You know exactly what I’m talking about… long, luscious hair with loose curls… talk about hair goals. So when one of my friends posted on Facebook looking for a model for hair extensions it immediately peaked my interest!

I messaged Kassy Nedved to inquire more about it and it wasn’t soon before I found myself all in. The type of hair extensions she does is Babe Things tape-in hair extensions. I’ve heard of tape-ins but was weary and assumed they weren’t fantastic or lasted a long time. After talking to Kassy and doing some research on my own I found out I was wrong. They’re actually really great for your hair and creates less breakage than other extensions. They also can be used for months, you will need to get them moved closer to the scalp every 5-6 weeks as your hair grows but you can use the same strips of extensions until the hair starts to fall out of them.

I set up an appointment with Kassy at the salon she works at, Salon LA, in Rookwood Commons. Kassy and I drove to the warehouse to get the hair – I wanted to see the process from start to finish – then headed back to the salon to get started. Since I hadn’t had my roots done in an embarrassingly long time I also had her touch them up, which she did before placing the extensions. Once my hair was colored and dried Kassy started installing the hair strips. We sandwiched two strips together (strip of extensions + thin line of my own hair + another strip of extensions) just to the back of my head. One package yielded 5 sandwiches. After they were all in my hair Kassy styled my hair and gave me a mini trim just to blend my hair with the extensions.

I’m absolutely in love with the results! It added about two inches to my hair but even one package of hair added a noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair. The hair extensions are real human remy hair so it can be colored, straightened, and curled along with the rest of your hair. It’s super easy to manage and you don’t really have to do anything special than sleep with it in a low loose bun or braid, which I already do. If you’ve never had hair extensions before but have wanted to try them I highly recommend doing so and I even more recommend visiting Kassy at Salon LA to get them done! You won’t be sorry!



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