Out of sight, out of mind…

Sometimes (okay, everyday) it feels like my life is one great big to-do list floating in a sea of post-it notes. Since I started Mod City I have found that there is just too much that goes on, too many things to get done and one too many story ideas happening at any given moment for me to keep them in my head while still maintaining my sanity. So I have to make lists and jot down quick notes or the chances are these things will become fleeting thoughts.

When it comes to my professional life I am very much so a Type-A  personality.. I want everything in a very organized, specific as possible and black and white track. Things happen so fast and things get thrown into equations unexpectedly all the time in my life that when the core of my duties are streamed line I find I can get a grip on the fly aways of life with a lot more ease. However, it still feels like I get so caught up with the small things that I push the big picture tasks (both professionally and personally) to the back of my mind. Even the conscious thought of knowing this sits in the back of my mind with the rest of the big picture tasks.

I’m hoping that is going to change with the help of this super easy DIY goal list chart. I’m a very visual person so when I saw this on Pinterest I had to give it a shot. At the very least this is going to keep those big picture tasks in clear view, instead of sitting in the back of my mind. I guess the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” rings true here. So here’s what I did…

First I grabbed a sheet of card stock and then outlined post-it notes for four spaces. Then I added a little color by adding blue dash lines to the inside of the pink boxes and colorfully labeled it “goal list for…” I finished it off with adding post-it notes to designate this as my goals for the month of April and filled in the bottom post-it notes with personal and professional goals I am going to actually work on accomplishing. Seems easy enough and logically it should do the job. Hopefully all I need is a little push of a visual reminder not to get lost in the small details. Wish me luck! ha ha



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