Stop to smell the coffee

Hello loves!!

Life is busy and sometimes our lives get so busy we get lost in the everything that has to get done non-stop pace. I try to my best to live in the moment instead of going through the motions, but I still tend to get caught up quite a bit. One of my favorite things to do is sit and relax with a cup of coffee.

Since it’s summer and super hot outside I like to drink iced coffee out of my awesome pink zebra print tumbler. Whether I’m sitting on the couch or floating in the pool, I like to take the time to enjoy the cup of Joe and just relax. I also use this time to reflect on all the good things I have in my life. It really puts things into perspective and helps me keep a positive outlook even when the sky around me seems to be covered in gray clouds.

Another thing I try to do at least once a day is practice yoga. I do yoga for three reasons: 1. I love doing yoga 2. An old injury as a child left me with a bad back 3. It really helps to calm me. Even though I mainly do yoga to keep my back in check, I also love to do it when things seem to be a little too chaotic. Just like when I enjoy my coffee, when I do yoga I block out all the stress and to-do lists and schedule of upcoming happenings and focus on clearing my mind, controlling my breathing and thinking of the ways I am blessed.

So there are two ways that help me keep my sanity in this fast and crazy world. What do you do to keep your sanity while dealing with stress??


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