Fall is the Best Time to Fall in Love


Hello loves!

Yesterday marked the official first day of fall. While I do like the fall, I am always sad to see summer go. Summer is my favorite of all the seasons. Some people live for fall to arrive for many reasons like pumpkin spice lattes, fabulous fall fashions, fun weekend activities. There are some people who think the fall is the best time time fall in love. Well, at least Gena Kauffman of Glamour believes so.

While catching up on my Twitter feed this morning I came across a blog Kauffman wrote on the subject. Out of curiosity and the fact I hadn’t stepped out of bed yet I gave it a looksy. I must say, girl has a point and shares the whys behind her fall love theory. Here’s a few of the reasons she mentions:

1. It’s warm enough to be outside together, but cool enough to snuggle up and borrow his jacket at night.

2. More excuses to buy new fall fashions (you need them for dates, obvs).

3. Just in time for Halloween, couples costumes are twice the fun.

4. Fall has the cuuuuutest activities for couples to partake in: apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay rides.

To read the rest of her list, click here!

Here’s to a fabulous fall!

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