My Stance on Voting (that’s not about either candidate)

Hello loves!

Well, loves, the day has finally come. The day that seems like we have been hearing about for years, it is finally Presidential Election Day. I am glad this day is here and it will soon be over with. This election has been going on too long and I don’t know anyone who isn’t fed up with hearing about it. Our country is at a critical state, but I don’t feel like 4 or even 8 years is long enough to get the job done.

While I’m fed up with all the candidates, I am big on exercising your right to vote. I think everyone who is eligible to vote should take full advantage of their right. By full advantage I am not talking about sending in your absentee ballot or stepping into to the voting booth and simply casting your vote. As with most things in life I feel the rule, “quality over quantity,” should be observed. Just like every penny counts, every vote counts whether you choose to believe that or not. I’m not saying by any means we need to restrict who is eligible to vote and who isn’t. I just feel that it is our right to as Americans and individuals to take full advantage of our right by educating ourselves thoroughly on all candidates and issues, seek out information on both sides of the coin and taking that knowledge to form your own opinion, belief and stance.

I believe what our country needs are educated votes by individuals, not votes from those who have been brainwashed, peer pressured or only voting because ‘that’s what you’re suppose to do’ without even really knowing what you’re voting for. Voting, in my opinion, is not something that should be taken lightly. This is our future and each vote you cast will in some degree effect your life eventually.

You can call me a feminist and I won’t take it as an insult. I not only cast my vote today for myself, but I proudly vote on behalf of every single woman who spent 70 years of enduring beatings, arrests, harassment and torture as they fought for the right for women to vote. I take that extremely serious. These women didn’t fight through hell risking everything for future generations to go into the voting booth to cast a vote for the person your friends, your significant other, your parents or who the ads tell you, you should vote for. They fought for this right so that our voices could be heard, a chance for our beliefs to be honored and our stances to be known.

I don’t care what side of the issue you reside on, what I care about is the fact you did your research and formed your opinions, beliefs and stances by educating yourself and not by giving in to peer pressure and those who are smooth with convincing words.

Today I thank these women for fighting for what they believed in was right and standing up when others tried to knock them down.


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