My favorite man candy

Hello loves!

It’s no secret that I am a woman for the taking, I am happy to wear the single ladies badge until the right man comes along. And while Ryan Gosling has been the love of my life since the Mickey Mouse Club days (yes, ladies, Ryan was on my radar way before he swooned hearts worldwide in The Notebook), I have to say, recently the competition between 1st and 2nd has been closing in pretty tight.

Mr. Gosling is getting a run for his money as I’m starting to crush hard on the Patriots’ tight end (with a fine tight end) Rob Gronkowski! I’m not going to lie, this love affair started with his steamy ESPN magazine cover for the body issue (p.s. ESPN, on behalf of women everywhere, thank you)… I mean, hello!? But the more I’ve learned about this guy since then, the more my heart skips a beat.

Now he’s on the injured list with a broken left forearm and projected to be off the field for 4-6 weeks. And to that I have a personal message to the man himself…

Hey, Rob, if you’re looking for someone to nurse you back to tip top shape… Call me, maybe? lol

Now I bet your day got a tad bit brighter just by reading who it is that makes me purrrr šŸ˜‰

xoxo, big muscles & sexy faces,
your Amy

One thought on “My favorite man candy

  1. Hi!
    I’m Alex Scott’s, Fuse Theory, mother. Alex was telling me Friday that there was some pictures taken at Jefferson Hall of u and her with a photo bomber in the background. I thought this was hysterical, although frustrating for both if you being the professionals that u r! I state this with mucho sincerity and admiration! I would like to see these images, however. I don’t plan to post anywhere on the Internet. They would be only for my eyes and my husband’s, Alex’s father. He also thought the idea of someone photo bombing the interview was hilarious… :/
    Thank you for taking the time to read,
    Juliet Scott.

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