Amy’s Dress Guide for all your Holiday Parties

Hello loves!

Ah, the holiday season is here! This is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly because it means parties galore. This time a year people’s schedule tend to fill up with reunions, office parties, gift exchanges, etc. There is no need to fret over what to wear because I’ve put together a little holiday party dress guide for you! This guide showcases a few of my favorite fabulous (and affordable!) dresses for five different occasions. Whether you’re a fan of the dresses I chose or not the collage below still gives you a sense of what to look for when you go to get dressed before heading out to your next holiday party.

Holiday Dress Guide

Office Party: TFNC Babydoll Dress With Sequin Bodice  $74
Reunion: Oasis Velvet Skater Dress $115
Home for the Holidays: ASOS PETITE Exclusive Lace Dress With Cut Out Back $80
New Year’s Eve: Motel Gabby Iridescent Sequin Dress $103
Holiday Party: ASOS Party Dress with Sequin Bodice $56

Which is your favorite dress? 


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