A Shoe Lover’s Paradise

Hello loves!

As you know I am a shoe addict. Specifically heels. In fact, one of my best friends says, “if it’s not stilettos or flip flops, chances are Amy isn’t wearing them.” Not going to lie, the statement could not ring more true.

Most little girls grow up dreaming and planning their wedding, I on the other hand have always dreamed of having my dream walk-in closet. A little Carrie Bradshaw? Very. The closet I have right now was originally a small bedroom that I have converted into my dream walk in closet. And I love it!

One whole wall consists of my shoes, I put in rows of cheap shelves I found at Ikea to display all of my heels. Then I have a shoe rack underneath that holds my cute flats and tennis shoes and a double shoe rack that is home to all of my boots. If you’re looking for some organization inspiration for how to store your shoes, then feast your eyes on the photos below of different shoe closets.

A Shoe Lover's Paradise 82190761919019926_VwGK6DDm_c 85357355407543667_Q1wdW7SY_c 111604896985911421_77vct4gx_c 138133913540888590_0oWP0HY9_c 285837907569156216_9aPupyZI_c Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 8.58.06 AM

How do you store your shoes? 


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