How to Transform a Boring Outfit

Hello loves!!

How is the New Year treating you so far? Good, I hope!

As you know, I am no stranger to shopping my own closet and I love making the pieces I own into many versatile pieces to create many different looks. I especially love to do this with clothes that are comfortable or could be considered “bumming it.” After all, I love fashion but I prefer to be comfortable in the most stylishly way possible. And I did just that the other day!

I was wearing black leggings with a oversized dark gray t-shirt and while I thought it was cute already, I still wanted to give it a little something extra without much effort.

Sequin Uggs

To make this comfortable outfit pop I added my faux sequin Uggs. I absolutely love these boots! They definitely add a little flare to any outfit you pair them with and is hands down the most effortless thing you can add to an outfit to take it to the next level! I got these at JcPenney for around $20 last winter. The best part is, the sequins don’t shed all over the place leaving a trail behind you.
Turquoise Fedora

Another way I love to add a little style to outfits is completing the look with a fedora. There is just something about these hats that I absolutely love! And adding a fedora to any outfit always adds just a little bit of class and style. For this outfit I decided to add a pop of color with my turquoise fedora and I just love how it topped off my outfit.

How do you add accessories to your clothes to take them to the next level? 


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