Hidden Gem: The Little Red Gift Shop

Hello loves!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore little gift shop boutiques that have cutesy things for sale that can serve as your one stop shop for almost everyone you know. There aren’t a whole lot of these where I live, which is disappointing, but then I discovered a little gem of a place in Montgomery. This cute shop is The Little Red Gift Shop and it’s located in Montgomery, but slightly off the beaten path and by that I mean it’s only about a block away from the heart of the cute boutiques that makes the small town thrive.

I was first drawn to The Little Red Gift Shop because I discovered through Facebook that one of my favorite jewelry lines, Serket Jewelry, is sold at this shop. I am in love with Serket’s one of a kind designs and there was one that I just could not stop thinking about. I had to have it. So off to Little Red Gift Shop I go to claim the necklace. I am not exaggerating when I saw I absolutely fell in love with this gift shop the second I stepped in the door. It is absolutely adorable! They literally have a gift for every person you know, whether their personality is quaint and quiet or loud and proud. And if you’re a wine lover, oh are you in for a treat! Their wine accessories are out of this world! They have a whole wall (yes, a WHOLE wall) of nothing but different wine and martini glasses that are hand painted. They have wine toppers, cocktail napkins, wine glass trinkets, you name it, they have it!

They also have fabulous baby section that is full of adorable gifts to give to a mommy to be or a bundle of joy that has just arrived. In the center of the store are cases of fashion jewelry. Most of the jewelry that they sell is from local artists found right here in Cincinnati. I absolutely love a small family owned (a mother and daughter team runs the place daily) business and that love grows even greater when the local business helps to support other local artists. Check out the photos I took of the shop while I was there in the slide show below. Visit the gift shop yourself in person at 7925 Remington Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 and visit them online at TheLittleRedGiftShop.com! Tell them Amy sent you!

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