Cincinnati’s First Blow Dry Bar

Cincinnati's First Blow Dry Bar


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Have you ever had your hair professionally blown out like all the hottest celebrities in Hollywood? If you say you don’t ever imagine yourself having their gorgeous, luscious, camera-ready hair, then you are absolutely lying! Who doesn’t want amazing celebrity worthy hair? Exactly.

For over a year now, I’ve been hearing about blow dry bars popping up all over and I’ve been dying to try one. However, with the closest one to me located in Chicago, it was just going to have to wait. Then my prayers were answered! One just opened in Cincinnati! This girl could have did a happy dance when she heard!! I just couldn’t wait to try it out and was it worth the wait? It was absolutely worth the wait! My hair looked amazing!!! And it stayed looking amazing for three whole days!

I just had to share my latest hair addiction with you and introduce you to Andrea Lauren, co-owner of Cincy Style Bar. So I did what any good writer would do, I put my journalism degree to use and interviewed her! Check it out below to learn more about blow outs, why it’s so popular and all about Cincy Style Bar.

Amy Wray: What is a blow dry bar?
Andrea Lauren: A blow dry bar focuses on blowouts and beautiful dry styling. Blow bars do not offer cuts or color. CSB expanded on this concept by creating a “style bar” which offers all the beauty services necessary to be photo ready; blowouts, organic makeup applications, natural nails and organic airbrush tanning.

What exactly is a blow out?
All of CSB signature blowouts begin with an organic shampoo and condition. Next, the hair is dried using a technique
called round brush styling. Using organic styling products and hot tools, we then give you any look you desire whether you are seeking sleek and straight, lots of volume or big and flirty curls.

Why did you decide to open Cincy Style Bar?
I was introduced to the blow bar concept by a celebrity client that frequented blow bars in L.A. and New York and I thought it was a cool idea. With my background in makeup and hair, I decided to enhance the blow bar concept by creating an organic “style bar”. My style bar would not only offer blowouts, but makeup, natural nails and airbrush tanning; everything necessary for on-the-go beauty. Today more and more women want express services, delivered by beauty professionals at a great price and that is what I wanted to bring to Cincinnati. A place where women could get celebrity-worthy results on-the-go with budget-friendly prices.

Did you work at Alba before opening CSB (Alba and CSB are conjoined)? How did that arrangement come about?
I had been focusing primarily on production work for over ten years. Over time, I became aware that the public figures I was working on were indirectly absorbing chemicals and toxins from the products being used on them. That is when I decided that I needed to go organic and go on a save-the-skin/face mission. I researched and found all the best organic products and switched my professional kit over. As time went by, I started receiving requests from several of my L. A clients for organic makeup recommendations. That was my motivation to open Alba organic salon/spa and offer the same services to the general public. I opened the sister companies, Alba and CSB simultaneously in order to provide all the beauty needs today’s women and men are looking for housed conveniently under one roof in adjoining suites.

What services does CSB offer?
CSB’s services include blowouts, scalp massages, organic makeup applications, organic manicures/pedicures, and organic airbrush Our sister company, Alba offers wet cuts, Sahag dry cuts, styling, a full range of organic color services, organic facial waxing and lash and brow tinting.

What makes CSB different than anything else in the city? 
All CSB services are visually appealing. CSB exclusively offers dry styling services for hair in a pretty environment. When you come into CSB you won’t see wet hair clippings on the floor, you won’t see a guest with foils in their hair. You won’t smell formaldehyde common in non-organic products. What you will see are guests with no ugly capes on receiving their services. You will see people enjoying themselves, people with a bounce in their step, perhaps a glass of champagne. CSB is unlike anything else in Cincinnati because we offer quick on the go services for a great price without compromising quality and your health. We also specialize in parties as well! Like our tagline says “It’s always a good time at Cincy Style Bar!” You can come in and celebrate your birthday, bachelorette or bridal party with us! We love helping people to have a great time!

What are the benefits of a blow dry bar?
CSB professional blowouts give you beautiful mood-lifting results that last up to 3 days. On top of the luxury of having someone else do your hair for you; you are able to receive a style that you otherwise couldn’t achieve on your own. What woman does not enjoy entering a room owning that extra sense of confidence camera-ready hair and makeup provides. CSB is also good for your senses….organic dry services are visually appealing as well as not offensive to your nose.

What are some reasons for different types of women to get a blow out?
Some of our clients have unruly hair that they cannot tame unless they have a blowout. Other clients want more volume or loose and flirty curls. Many of our clients strictly love having somebody else wash and style their hair knowing it is the only way to make it look its very best. We also offer on-location blowouts for our clients that need that extra convenience. Our clients often need to look camera-ready for corporate or school photo shoots, first dates, job interviews, important meetings, birthdays, and special events, et cetera.

Do you have to have long hair to have a blow out?
No you definitely don’t have to have long hair to have a blowout. CSB offers a variety of blowouts for short hair. Such as our look called “The Flirty Beauty” which is messy, flirty short locks. Many of our clients that have short hair love coming into enjoy a glass of champagne while receiving their cool new look.

Why do you think blow dry bars are becoming so popular? 
With the immense popularity of reality TV shows such as The Kardashians, and Real Housewives, women feel the desire to look as “put-together” as those fashion and beauty trendsetters. We are living in a time when the standards for beauty are set extremely high. The modern woman, arriving at an event, feels underdressed if she has not had her makeup and hair professionally done. The workplace can also be a tough, competitive environment. Presenting a polished, professional look often gives an important edge. Our clients want the convenience and they want to look great at an affordable price. Also let’s face it…who really likes to do their own hair? Blow bars offer an affordable way to feel fabulous. Clients leave looking and feeling like celebrities for only $35!

What do you want Cincinnati ladies to know about CSB and Alba? 
CSB is fun, trendy, and friendly. It is a place where you can look good as well as feel good about your beauty routine. Without the worries toxins and fumes of a typical salon environment, you can relax and have a great time. Our slogan is: “It’s always a good time at CSB!”

Cincy Style Bar and Alba Organic Salon are located inside the Alba Organic Beauty Studios Building located at 2882 Wasson Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. The Alba Organic Beauty Studios Building also houses Cincy Bridal Beauty which specializes in organic bridal makeup and hair and Nardos Natural Spa featuring 100% organic products by Nardos Natural. Find out more about Cincy Style Bar here as well as like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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