Fashion, Handbags and Cupcakes… What more could a girl ask for?

Hello loves!

Today had an even earlier start than yesterday! I was up, ready and at Lincoln Center all in time to take in Mathiew Mirano’s f/w13 presentation. Talk about a crowded presentation!! We were herded like cattle and for good reason I suppose… people were acting like animals trying to get in the doors as fast as they could whether they trampled someone in their path or not! I don’t understand that. It’s a presentation not a runway show… the models literally stand there while everyone moves about to see each outfit. But whatever, I just I’m not the stopple over people type.


After the show we headed back to the hotel, where I decided I was going to take a quick nap and then catch up on blogging. First off, me taking a nap period is unprecedented. I just don’t take naps unless I’m sick (and even then it’s not always a go), I was that kid every parent dreads having… the kid that never naps. What I thought was going to be a quick nap turned into a 3 hour nap! No joke!! Thankfully I set my alarm on my phone to start getting ready.

All rested (ha ha ha I haven’t been well rested in I can’t remember how long!) I grabbed a cab and headed towards the Tribeca and SoHo area of NYC where I had a private showroom viewing with Leslie of the Lena Erziak Handbag Collection. I had the chance to look through their lookbooks before heading to NYC and I was in love with what I saw and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the bags! Shoes and handbags I could never have enough of! The collection was even more fabulous than I expected and I really can’t wait to introduce you to the bags as well as do an editorial photo shoot with them in the coming months.


Leslie was fabulous too! She was so welcoming and accommodating for me and my assistant (who also moonlights as my mom when she’s not on the clock lol). She’s a girl after my own heart, too, as she had a platter of mini cupcakes from Cupcakes by Melissa waiting for us! I could eat cupcakes forever!


We did a little shopping before taking a Lincoln town car back to the Upper West Side where we ate dinner at Ocean Grill and called it a night.


What did I wear? Why thank you for asking! I wore a fabulous form fitting black lace dress that was accented with a faux leather peplum that I got from Paris J Boutique! I seriously love Paris J Boutique! The hottest fashions at affordable prices… what is there not to love about that?! I mean seriously, I dare you to come up with a reason you can’t love that.




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