What’s the Oscars without a Party?

Hello loves!!

Don’t you just love award season? One of my favorite award shows to watch is coming up this Sunday, the Oscars! It should be highly entertaining this year with Seth McFarlane hosting the show. I don’t usually need an excuse to throw a little get together, but if you do then this award show provides one fabulous excuse to throw a party!


To get you started I put together a little list of Oscar party essentials that you can easily build upon!

1. Champagne – When in Rome, do as the Romans do! When you think of celebrities things like glitz and glamour come to mind and with that comes champagne. My favorite champagne is Korbel Sweet Rose, it’s affordable and delicious! I’m also in love with these flutes! But if you’re not the champagne type, break out a bottle of wine or mix a few cocktails for you and your guests.

2. Gold party decor – When I think of an Oscars party lots of gold comes to mind. It’s a beautiful color to be used boldly or an accent and it’s very classic glamour. I love these gold and white striped paper napkins, they’re so chic! You can pair them with gold plates or I would personally pair them with white plates. Just for funsies you can get these elegant silver and gold crackers that contain little favors when popped!

3. Popcorn – You can always pop your own popcorn and turn it into gourmet deliciousness with different flavors or you can buy bags of Orville Redenbacher Poppycock Gourmet Popcorn to serve your friends!

3. Attire – You can glam it up and have everyone wear cocktail attire or you can make it fun and different by having everyone come in their pajamas. If you go the cocktail route I highly recommend looking your best in this amazing BB Dakota Neva Sequined Dress in GoldIsn’t it just stunning?! On a personal side note, I love that this dress has 3/4 sleeves, that way you’re not fighting sequin burn under your arms all night.


If you want to go the pajama party route, don’t worry you can still keep it glam! I personally welcome any chance to be in my cozy pajamas and just because I sleep in them doesn’t mean I sacrifice style! I love these Bedhead Pajamas Sateen Cotton Wild Thing with Pink Trim as well as these Bedhead Pajamas Cotton Sateen Glamour Rose!

What are your Oscars party essentials? 



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