Organic Color in Cincinnati at ALBA Beauty Studio

Hello loves!

As you all know I absolutely adore a blowout, and the only place I’ll go to get the perfect blowout Cincy Style Bar in Hyde Park. I’ve fallen in love with this place! It’s trendy, super friendly and best of all they only use organic non-toxic products! They aren’t kidding around when it comes to profession organic products, when I say it’s all they use, it’s seriously all they use. And I must admit, they have turned me over to the ‘clean’ side!

ALBA is owned and operated by sisters, Andrea and Ashley. Andrea did production work for over ten years and during this time she realized the amount of chemicals and toxins she was putting on her clients and herself and knows what a scary health risk all of this is. It was then that she decided she was only going to use professional organic toxic-free products for both herself and her clients. After lots of research and product testing she found what she thought was the best products out there and began using them. Over time she has become known as an organic skincare cosmetic expert. With this the idea to open ALBA Beauty Studio and Cincy Style Bar was born and in 2012 the sisters opened both businesses simultaneously.

After spending several trips there to get blowouts I learned the story of ALBA and just had to try it. Naturally, my hair is a really dark brown, however, I’ve been dying it midnight brown/soft black for almost nine years. I think I was more than ready to make a change and it was either go with a whole new hair color or get a drastic super short hair cut. I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to a short hairstyle, even though I really want to try one. It just takes my hair too long to grow long again and I figured I would probably hate myself especially during that ugly ‘in between’ stage. So a new color it was!

I found this gorgeous photo of medium to dark brown hair with golden highlights that I just fell in love with. This was the change that I wanted and I talked to Andrea and Ashley to see if this look was possible to do with my hair since it was so dark and they said yes. And I scheduled my appointment with the absolutely amazing Sarah for the very next day.

Since my hair was so dark it took a total of 4 hours from start to finish, but it was totally worth it! Instead of using bleach to lighten my hair, Sarah used a soap cap which is the most gentle way to lighten hair. I think that part definitely took up the most time. After she lightened my whole head of hair she mixed two custom colors for my hair… yes, I can genuinely say that no one has the exact same hair color as me and I’m not going to lie, I love the idea of that! ha ha She foiled my whole head to create the perfect look by adding a beautiful brown with a hint of red all over with gorgeous golden highlights flowing through my hair.

I am absolutely in love with my new hair color!! It definitely took some getting used to after having such dark hair for so many years, but I couldn’t be happier with this change! I definitely recommend that everyone in a 50 mile radius of Hyde Park needs to get their hair done at ALBA Beauty Studio! Check out my photos below!

As I’m writing this I realize I seriously need to take some more (and definitely) better quality photos of my hair! ha ha ha


2 thoughts on “Organic Color in Cincinnati at ALBA Beauty Studio

  1. Love love love Cincy Style Bar! I am heading there tomorrow for my bi-weekly Shellac manicure and trying out some highlights to reward me of my recent weight loss! I see Brittany S and she is FABULOUS!

    • Thank you for sharing your love! Congrats on the weight loss! You definitely deserve to reward yourself with highlights! I’m in love with Cincy Style Bar, too! I love it so much I’m holding my upcoming charity event in memory of my grandma there, lol. It’s going to be a great time with beauty treatments, wine and a fashion show of Amy Kirchen’s latest collection. If you’re available I’d love to have you there!! 🙂 xoxo

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