If I were Kim Kardashian’s Stylist

Hello loves!!

I don’t know about all of you, but I have been pretty disappointed with how Kim Kardashian has been choosing to dress her baby bump. It’s kind of been a baby bump disaster from the very first baby bump glimpse… whomp whomp.

Seriously, though, it really does make me sad when women don’t know how to dress for their body shape in general. Being pregnant is a magical thing and I really think women need to embrace their growing bump. You definitely don’t have to sacrifice style or even sexiness just because you’re pregnant. Let the world know you’re one hot mama and you’re not afraid to show it!!

If I were Kim Kardashian’s stylist I would love to dress her in these amazing and sexy maternity dresses. Oh, and P.S., these dresses are all amazing AND affordable!!

ASOS Maternity chiffon dress with scalloped edge

ASOS Maternity Chiffon Dress With Scalloped Edge, $33

ASOS maternity midi dress in mirror floral

ASOS Maternity Body-Conscious Midi Dress In Mirror Floral, $75

ASOS maternity midi dress with cap sleeve

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Body-Conscious Midi Dress With Cap Sleeve, $33

ASOS maternity pencil dress with panelling

ASOS Maternity Pencil Dress With Panelling, $67

ASOS maternity shift dress with cowl slit sleeves

ASOS Maternity Exclusive Shift Dress With Cowl Slit Sleeve, $40

ASOS maternity skater dress with 70's frill

ASOS Maternity Skater Dress with 70’s Frill, $27

ASOS maternity skater dress with lace trim

ASOS Maternity Skater Dress With Lace Trim, $32

ASOS maternity skater dress with open shoulder

ASOS Maternity Skater Dress With Open Shoulder, $33


Can you see Kim Kardashian in any of these? Which are your personal favorites? 


10 thoughts on “If I were Kim Kardashian’s Stylist

  1. I have to agree with you. She should be dressing a bit more conservatively. The types of clothes she is wearing do not look good on pregnant women and she can not be comfortable. Its quite embarrassing for her actually. I feel sorry for her wanting to flaunt herself about like that. She is making a fool of herself! I could see her in the first dress and the ASOS 70’s skater (third from bottom).

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