A Shoe That Will Make Your Heart Skip

Hello loves!

If you don’t know by now, I absolutely adore shoes! Stilettos are my preferred shoe of choice – so much so that I have a whole wall in my walk-in closet just for my stilettos. Since they’re my preferred weapon of choice, they’re also my weakness.

Marilyn Monroe the right shoes quoteI’ve gotten better about buying every stiletto I fall in love with. Mainly because I don’t have much more space, but also let’s be realistic, I need to be able to actually wear all the shoes I buy or I just feel bad for the shoes.

There’s a famous quote by Marilyn Monroe that I have framed above the shelves of stilettos. I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to what Miss Marilyn Monroe was saying! When I’m wearing shoes that I absolutely just love I know I walk with my head high and an extra dose of confidence in my step.

Speaking of the right shoe, while scrolling through my newsfeed I came across a post by the amazing Ivanka Trump, she posted several photos of shoes from her new collection. One of the shoes just absolutely made my heart skip a beat! The white and black Derry open toe bootie just made my jaw drop in awe! I mean just look at it?!

Ivanka Trump Derry Bootie


This bootie features a spiky spine of triangle-cut piecework with a 4″ heel and a back zip closure. To me this shoe just screams a classy kind of sexy! It’s also a bootie that can be worn all year round. Wear it with tights or leggings in the colder months and in the warmer months pair them with shorts or a fabulous high waisted skirt.

Ivanka Trump Derry Open Toe Bootie


The best thing about these booties are they won’t cost you an arm and a leg! They’re only $149.95 at Nordstrom. I’ll be adding this shoe to my shoe collection asap!!

What do you think about the Derry open toe bootie by Ivanka Trump?


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