Eco-Fashion Series: Men’s Apparel

Hello loves!

We’ve come to the third and final part of the Eco-Fashion Series. I hope you’ve found something you like or at least opened your mind a little when it comes to our perception of eco-friendly clothing. Personally I’m glad I was challenged by a friend to write a blog post about eco-friendly fashion and then after a little research I challenged myself to create a mini blog series showcasing different eco-friendly finds.

For the final part in the series I’ve put together quite a few finds for you to dress your man in while keeping it environment friendly.

Alternative Apparel Men's Zip HoodieAlternative Apparel Men’s Zip Hoodie, $16.53

Alternative Apparel Raglan ShirtAlternative Apparel Raglan Shirt, $38

Savane Men's Stripe ShirtSavane Men’s Stripe Shirt, $24.99

Haggar Oxford ShirtHaggar Oxford Shirt, $58

Earth Cadet Mixtape TeeEarth Cadet Mixtape Shirt, $14

Alternative Apparel Camo TeeAlternative Apparel Camo Tee, $38

Replay Slim Fit Jeans Barcelona FC CollectionReplay Slim Fit Jeans Barcelona FC Collection, $235.24

Will you be dressing your man in any of these styles? 


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