The Best Wax Warmer Around!

Hello loves,

There is nothing better than a great scent. Whether it’s walking into a room, a fabulous perfume, fresh laundry, the kitchen… just to name a few… a smell can completely set the mood or bring memories flooding back into your head.

ScentsyI have a blessing and a curse… I have quite the strong sniffer. When it’s a great scent it’s a blessing, but I can also smell bad scents like body odor a mile away. Standing in a checkout line with a not so clean smelling person is enough to send me into dry heaves. I think it goes without saying that I’m a lover of all things that smell good!

One thing that I absolutely love are candles. I’m picky when it comes to candles because there’s nothing more frustrating than spending $15 on a candle that seems to lose its scent in no time. I mean the whole point of a candle (unless the power goes out) is to be fragrant, right? You would also think with my love of candles that I would already have jumped on the wax warmer train. Wrong! I don’t know why I’ve stayed away from these types of products for so long because I now realize I was seriously depriving myself.

I’ve been aware of the direct sales company Scentsy for several years, however I’ve never tried it and it’s astounding that I’ve never been invited to one of their home parties. Especially since I’ve been to some sort of home party under the sun! Don’t act like you haven’t either! We all know we have a decent size handful of friends who are direct sales consultants themselves or are a serial home party host. We all have them!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Nicole Stenger, she is a Scentsy consultant and team leader in the Cincinnati area. She is reaching out to local bloggers about Scentsy, if they have tried it before, and if they would like to try out a warmer with a few scents. With my love of all things that smell heavenly and the realization that I’ve never actually tried their products before I said yes.

I suppose one of the reasons I’ve never tried Scensy – or any wax warmers for that matter – is because I just assumed (and we all know what assuming does!) there is no way wax tarts could have a long last strong scent. I also suppose I would somehow miss the “warm glow” that a candle puts off. With these thoughts in mind I was anxious to try out their products.

I met with Nicole over coffee one evening and she told me about the Scentsy company, their mission, and of course their products. Don’t worry, it wasn’t some robotic spiel, it was mainly the always curious me rattling off numerous questions. We also chatted about everything under the sun.. no really, the coffee shop closed and we had to move our conversation to the sidewalk! ha ha What can I say? Sometimes you just instantly click with someone and Nicole is definitely one of those people! While there Nicole gave me their Cherry Blossom wax warmer and allowed me to choose two of their scented waxes. Everything smelled so good it was so difficult to choose but I ended up with Beach and Zen Garden. I could wait to get home and try these babies out!

The next morning I broke out the wax warmer (which requires no assembly) and broke a square off the Beach scent bar and put it on top of the warmer. It really takes no time at all for the scent to present itself as well as wift through your house… now that’s what I’m talking about!

ScentsyIt says to use 2-3 squares at a time, but I started with just one square and decided that was perfect for me (hello strong nose). While it fills the house with fragrance it’s not at all over powering even when you’re in the same room or close to it. It’s subtle, yet pleasantly noticeable. To change scents I found it easiest to allow the wax to harden and use a butter knife to pop it out of the warmer with ease.

I must say out of the two scents Zen Garden was my personal favorite. I love it when smells instantly take you somewhere. There’s no denying that my life is constantly busy and because of this I welcome anything that can bring a little calm into my life. Zen Garden did exactly what you would think it would do. Breathing it in was like an instant de-stresser and wasn’t any distraction from getting my work done (um… yeah, food scented anything, I’m talking to you!). That’s always a winner in my book! I also really enjoyed the Beach scent as well because it made me long to be sitting on a hot beach sipping cocktails on vacation.

I highly recommend Scentsy products and I can’t see myself ever going back to candles. There is no doubt that if I had tried Scentsy products out on my own without being contacted by Nicole that I still would have felt compelled to write a blog completely dedicated to them. I love these waxes and warmer that much!

Also, it can’t go without mention that Scentsy has branched out in their product line to also include skincare and laundry products! Seems like a great product expansion to me!

If you’re interested in trying out Scentsy for yourself, visit

Have you tried Scentsy before? Do you love it? What are some of your favorite scents?


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