Leggings Worth Investing In

Investment - the best slimming leggings for fallHello loves!

While I refuse to accept Labor Day was the last day of summer… after all, it was only the unofficial end of summer. And even though the official first day of fall is a couple weeks away on September 23, I’m not going to kid myself with that either. For me it’s not fall until I have to officially put all of my cute summer clothes away for the year. But that’s okay! Because even though I fight with everything I am to hold on to summer the only saving grace is that fall is one hell of a season for fashion.

One of my fashion staples especially in the cooler months is leggings. If I’ve said it before, then I’ve must have said it a million times… I. Hate. Pants. They’re just so constricting. I rather wear the wrong size bra all day than sit in a pair of pants all day. That’s how deep my dislike runs for pants. In the fall and winter I could literally live in leggings. While I highly advocate for leggings let’s make one thing clear… I do not advocate wearing leggings as pants. Unless they are specifically made to be a substitute for actual pants then please for the love of God don’t wear them as pants! Leggings are meant to be worn under dresses, tunics, and oversized shirts… all of which fall to the point of covering your bum. So my stylist rule of thumb is to never wear anything that doesn’t fall below your butt if you are going to rock leggings. If you break this rule (because this is one rule that isn’t meant to be broken… ever) then don’t be mad, depressed, or embarrassed when someone slyly takes a photo of you and posts it on their social media with the hashtag #LeggingsArentPants.

When it’s cool temps I wear leggings all the time… I wear them to workout in, lounge around the house, and with a super cute outfit. Because of this it’s important to get leggings that are made to make it in the long haul of things. It’s definitely tempting to snatch up a few pairs of the $5 leggings at Target, but in the long run it’s cheaper to invest in a pricier pair if it’s going to last the whole winter or possibly multiple winters. Another thing I love about leggings? I love it when they have a slimming effect. That’s not something you’re going to get in those $5 pairs… that alone is worth my extra money! But maybe that’s just me? 😉

SPANX Slimming Leggings, Seamless Side Stripe

SPANX – Slimming Leggings Seamless Side Stripe, $30

SPANX - Tout & About Luxe Tux Shaping Leggings

SPANX – Tout & About Luxe Tux Shaping Leggings, $29.99

Bianca Nygard - SLIMS Basic Ponte Leggings

Bianca Nygard – SLIMS Basic Ponte Leggings, $49

SPANX - Structured Shaping Leggings, Racing Stripe

SPANX – Structured Shaping Leggings Racing Stripe, $52

White House Black Market - Ponte Grey Leggings

White House Black Market – Ponte Grey Leggings, $48

Yummie by Heather Thomson - Milan Cotton Legging

Yummie by Heather Thomson – Milan Cotton Legging, $39.99

Are you obsessed with leggings, too? Who makes your favorite pair? 


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