Black Friday Tips

Hello loves,

Black Friday TipsSo it’s pretty much a given I’m a lover of shopping. If you love shopping the chances are you’re anxiously awaiting Black Friday. After all it is our Super Bowl… in fact, it’s almost a religious experience for some. One of my most favorite parts if Black Friday is the sales. I am a huge bargain shopper… I mean c’mon, I have student loans to pay so I kind of have to be selective and frugal with what I buy. I thought I was a pro at Black Friday shopping, but I was semi pro at best before I graduated college. Now that I’m out of college with a post-graduation budget to stick to, I’m quite the beast when it comes to this day.

I could write a book on all the money saving techniques and living fabulously within your means tips I’ve learned along the way just for every day life. But since Black Friday is less than a week away, I’ll save those for another day and just focus on the shopping Super Bowl day of the year. When it comes to participating in Black Friday it’s best to have a plan. If you’re one of those fly by the seat of your pants even on Black Friday, just stop reading now. I don’t know how you people do it, just thinking of throwing myself into those laser focused, on a mission, up all night mass crowds is enough to make me pop an Ativan. I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. I have to have a plan and I highly recommend on this day especially that everyone follow suit and develop their own plan.

Do your research.
Black Friday ads can be found online for weeks prior to Thanksgiving so there really is no reason not to be prepared. A simple Google search will deliver all of this year’s ads to your fingertips within seconds. Go through the ads and write down what items you will be getting from each store for each person on your Christmas list. This keeps things organized in the midst of shopping chaos once you get inside the store.
Decide your store route plan of attack.
Once you have your list of things you’re planning to buy at each store it’s time to decide which items hold the most priority. If one of the items on your list is the anticipated to be the biggest seller at Target, then you should plan on making that the first stop on your list. Also be prepared to get there plenty early to wait in line. Those big deal items are only available in limited quantities per store and it’s first come first served with no exceptions.

Keep your body hydrated and fueled.
The last thing anyone needs is to pass out in a hot dressing room or standing in the massive checkout line. It’s time to break out your big handbag, ladies. The items you’ll need in your handbag include wallet, coupons (if needed), your shopping list, protein bars, an apple (optional), tissues, Chapstick, and bottles of water, and your phone. Everything else is extra and unneeded weight for this event so take it out. Keep yourself hydrated and fueled with protein to keep your glucose levels even.

Dress in layers.
Chances are it’s cold temps outside but I promise you it’s going to get hot quickly inside those stores. So dress for it so you don’t turn into a Sweaty Betty drenched in one hell of a hot flash. When I go Black Friday shopping I wear comfortable flats, leggings, and a light weight long sleeve tunic. I also wear a semi heavy coat if I will be standing in lines waiting to get into stores. As soon as I’m inside my coat comes off and either goes in my cart or I drape it through the straps of my handbag to carry around. This is also the best option if you plan on trying anything on while you’re shopping. I rarely go inside a dressing room on Black Friday simply because I don’t want to wait in line forever just to try something on. If it’s something that can’t be tried on over what you’re wearing I take the gamble on the size and I can always come back to exchange it if it doesn’t fit.

This has been my plan of attack for the last three Black Fridays and each year it’s gone so much more smoothly than previous years.

Do you have any tips you would add to this list? Comment below and share them with me!


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