My Current Obsession

Hello loves!

Have you heard of cotton candy grapes? Yes, you read that correctly. I said cotton candy grapes. Have you had the chance to pop a few of these grapes? Because I literally cannot get enough of these delicious little balls. I buy at the very least two bags at a time. They’re that delicious. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around these being GMO free but they totally are!

Cotton Candy Grapes

According to Grapery they use all-natural breeding techniques and innovated sustainable farming practices to bring these to mouths everywhere. They’re grown in California, but unfortunately their harvesting period is small. Like we’re talking only weeks out of the year these are available. In fact, they’re only harvested August 10 through September 20 this year. There has to be a support group somewhere to stop me from having a meltdown at the end of September. Until then I’m on the cotton candy grape diet and if you need me before October you can find me belly up in the produce department of my local Krogers. No, really.


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