Oh, October. You’re So Busy

Hello loves!

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve checked in with you all. I was seriously on top of my blogging game the last couple months then October hit. Oh, October. It’s always such a crazy month for me. I host my annual LIVE longeR in style charity event I do in memory of my grandma to raise awareness of liver cancer. So the first part of the month is absolutely non-stop crunch time getting everything ready to go. Then the week after I’m basically useless and need that time to just decompress.

This year’s event was fabulous! It was a great turn out, I got to share my grandma’s story, educate on liver health, and raised a little money, too! It happened on the 10th so all of last week I spent decompressing and dealing with the post-event work. This week I’m just trying to somehow get back on track and gain some steam. Overwhelmed is a good way to describe how I’m feeling, lol.

Life just keeps going and you just have to jump back in like you didn’t skip a beat. Or at least that’s what I keep throwing at myself as motivation, ha ha. First on my agenda is putting more energy into my clients and their work followed by a very close second of getting back on my blog game. So from here on out expect to be hearing from me at least weekly… hopefully even more frequently than that. Fingers crossed!

What all have you all been up to since October started?


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