Top 5 Foods That Detox

IMG_6747Hello loves!

Well it’s just about the middle of January. How are you doing on your new year resolutions? Still going strong? Or have you already fallen off the wagon? If your resolution for 2016 was to eat healthy the good news is you don’t need New Year’s Day to make that a goal. You can make being healthy a goal anytime!

Many people start their healthy goal off with a detox because they want to rid their body of toxins and old habits. Detoxing is great! But it shouldn’t be used as a diet. Every couple months I like to do a little detox, mainly just as a little reset for my body and digestive system. I don’t go out and buy a detox kit or anything like that. I like to make my own using real food. I like to start the morning off with lemon and/or grapefruit water to flush my system. Citrus is a natural diuretic so it’s a great place to start for a flush. Here are the top foods you can eat to detox your body!

1. Avocado
I don’t understand people who don’t love avocados! They’re a terrific and healthy snack or awesome compliment to your dinner. They’re full of fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, and contain glutathione which helps to detox the liver. They’re filling and help you eat less added sugars.

2. Pineapple
Pineapples are kind of the gold of detox. They’re delicious but also contain bromelain enzymes which aid in digestion and colon cleansing. The enzyme also helps balance blood coagulation and refuses inflammation.

3. Asparagus
Yup, aside from making your pee stink asparagus also has detoxing properties! It helps with liver drainage, maintains a healthy heart, and helps relieve inflammation.

4. Blueberries
Oh, the lovely blueberry! Nature’s medicine. So much is packed into this little fruit! Have a headache from detoxing? Eat a handful of blueberries to help relieve your headache. These little blue balls pack antiviral properties, reduce inflammation, full of antioxidants, and lessen pain.

5. Kale
That kale is so on fleek right now. But at least it’s a trend that has major health benefits for you! Even more so than blueberries! They’re packed to capacity with antioxidants, vitamins. Kale helps boost your metabolism, cleanses your system, and protects against many diseases. It greatly benefits the kidneys which means it helps your body even more to rid itself of toxins.

Do you use detoxes? Do you buy them or create your own using real food choices?


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