10 Powerful Quotes for Girl Bosses

Hello loves!

If you follow me on any social media network (wait, what? You’re not? You totally should because you’re missing out on a lot of fun!) you know I kind of have a thing for quotes. And when I say kinda I really mean completely and totally have a thing for quotes. I’m a journalism degree, who can I not have a special place in my heart for words?!

When it comes to quotes, there’s just something therapeutic about them. In fact, pinning quotes on Pinterest saves me a butt load of money in therapy bills. It’s also like wearing my heart on my sleeve, if you follow me on Pinterest there’s a very good chance you can tell exactly what kind of thing I’m dealing with. Or that I’m crazy. You know, one or the other, really.

While I love a good “real talk” type of quote, my favorite type is the positive and empowering kind. They fit in my philosophy of being positive and expressing gratitude or encouragement. If you go throw the photos in my phone you’re not going to find nudies (well, unless it’s a killer shade of nude lipstick I’m covering, but I digress). Nope. Not a single one of those. What you will find are selfies, photos of my chihuahua, and positive quotes. You’ll also find amazing memes I saved because you never know when the occasion will present itself to use one hell of a killer meme, am I right? The majority of my photo album is quotes and I have zero shame.

Here’s 10 of my favorite positive and empowering quotes I found while going through my photos!












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