Ways to Drink More Water

Hello loves! 
When it’s super hot out you always hear people throwing out, “be sure to keep yourself hydrated!” Which is really great advice, especially when it’s blazing outside. However, staying hydrated should be a goal for everyone on the daily. It’s more important than people realize and I think it’s something a lot of people avoid so they don’t have to take extra bathroom breaks. Which is stupid. But I also understand it. I used to be one of those people who definitely did not meet the 8 glasses of water a day criteria. In college I remember I’d carry around the same bottle of water for a minimum of two days at a time before I’d finally reach the bottom of it. 
I totally get that at first the idea of drinking 8 glasses of water a day seems crazy. But let’s be honest, when you go out drinking with the your friends before you know it you’ve downed 4 beers or glasses of wine. So obviously drinking more amounts of something isn’t the issue here. It’s mind over matter. I get that water is super bland when it comes down to it. But there’s many ways to you doctor up a glass of H2O to make it more enjoyable. Remember I said I used drink bare minimum in college… now I put that girl to shame! I drink at least 80-100 ounces of water a day. And I absolutely swear by it! It’s my number one beauty tip hands down! It flushes your system of toxins and impurities. Which in turn radiates in your skin’s appearance. 
I definitely don’t suggest you just jump into throwing massive amounts of water down the hatch if you’re not used to it. It’s something I built up to doing. And I promise you can do the same thing! Even though now I really enjoy drinking water (hello, you sexy glass of ice water) it definitely wasn’t my drink of choice to begin with. It built up to that (you’ll be shocked once you drink your daily 8 glasses how you’ll start enjoying water… Just wait and see). Here are some great ways to help you up your daily water intake! 
1. Mixers. Those pocket size mixers by Mio and Crystal Light are great ways to flavor your water especially when you’re first starting out. Chances are your tastebuds are accustomed to sweet drinks so this is a great gateway to break free of sugary juices and pop. 
2. Fruit. Infusing your water with fresh fruits is a great way to venture into drinking water with a hint of flavor. Not only does it add flavor to your water but it also adds benefits such as vitamins to you water. 
3. Essential oils. Essential oils are a great way to help up your water intake as well as provide your body with the benefits of the particular oils you add. Adding a drop of lavender gives your water a fancy spa-like feeling plus it helps tame anxiety. Adding lemon will help flush your system because it’s a natural diuretic. Adding grapefruit helps suppress your appetite. Adding peppermint helps soothes an irritable belly. The benefits are endless! 
What are your favorite ways to help up your daily water intake? 


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