DIY Hangers and Mardi Gras Beads

Hello, loves.

When people are stressed they tend to turn to a vice or two to calm and bring them back down to Earth. The last couple of days have been stressful with problems that really don’t directly affect me, but deal directly with people whom I work with or that I love. Hopefully, the storm has passed and things can go a little more smoothly.

Depending on why I’m stressed I turn to different vices. Nothing that I would exactly classify as harmful. Sometimes, I need to drive around aimlessly so I can blast some music or think about whatever the issue at hand is. Other times I need a night out downtown to take my mind off of things. Then there are times I need a glass of wine and a bubble bath or a good diy project. Pinterest is my latest addiction and it helps when I need inspired, lifted or just a way to avoid doing whatever it is that I rather not be doing at that time.

Tonight I unsurprisingly found myself exploring my Pinterest newsfeed and I came across a really simple, yet amazing diy project. It was just what I needed after a stressful couple of days… so I loaded my glue gun and poured a glass of wine as I settled in to getting crafty while watching my shows. The purpose of the project is to stop your clothes from constantly falling off the hanger by using two items… a glue gun and plastic hangers.
So armed with my glue gun and the new episodes of Last Man Standing and Body of Proof I got down to business. Like I said, the project is mindlessly simple. Just use the glue gun to leave a zig zag trail of hot glue along each side of the hanger, just like what is pictured below.
After I was done gluing a handful of hangers I was eager to put them to the test.. and let me tell you, this worked like a charm! I took my softest white cotton wide neck shirt put it on the hanger and wiggled and twisted it and it never budged. This makes for a happy girl for when I go to pick out a shirt to wear that I no longer will have to pick up all the shirts that have fallen off the hanger because of even the slightest move. Here is another photo of all the finished hangers.
I hope you all have enjoyed your Mardi Gras of a Fat Tuesday… I hope you didn’t end up with as much beads as this little guy….
xoxo, Amy

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