The Charleston Fashion Scene: Street Edition

Hello loves!

While I can’t bring you what is happening under the tents just yet (you’ll be able to see all of that soon, officially on Mod City) I can bring you street fashion! Charleston is a fashion hotspot and is even known as the fashion capital of the South and last night it lived up to every ounce of that reputation. Let me just warn you, Charleston’s fashion scene is fierce and it is not taken lightly. Last night it didn’t matter if you were young or old, you rocked your duds!

Style and fashion are defined differently from person to person and that is what is so great about it, it’s freedom, it’s liberation, it’s total self expression. It truly doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you can look like your closet threw up on you before you walked out the door and you can see be on-trend. There is really only one rule when it comes to style and fashion: whatever you wear, you must wear it with confidence! Without confidence you can make even the best outfit look like a fashion don’t, but with confidence you can wear a potato sack and make people envious as you walk down the street.

Like I said, the people of Charleston are fierce and fearless when it comes to fashion. I’m loving every second of it! When I get back home I am going to compile a slide show to highlight all of the street style fashions from the whole week, but I’ll leave you with a few teasers I captured last night!





And I can’t leave you without showing you The Charleston Hat Ladies, Mimi Bennett and Archie Burkel!


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