Outfit of the Day: Red Carpets and Dreams Come True

Hello, loves!

I know, I know… I got behind in my Outfit of the Day postings, but in my defense I was insanely busy and caught in this intense fashion whirlwind. No worries though! Here are my outfits along with a picture of a dream come true experience. 🙂

Friday Night

I absolutely love this dress and I bought it back on Black Friday just for Charleston Fashion Week. I love everything about it from the gold studs to the sheer overlay and of course the one shoulder with a sheer wing sleeve.

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target (borrowed from my friend, Ashley’s closet)
Wrap Bracelet: Apt 9

Before I walked down the red carpet I walked the pink carpet at the Hampdens store on King Street for fashion designer, Chris Benz party. The party was so much fun and I met some really great people and made amazing connections! The champagne was flowing and the likes of Cameron Silver, Ayoka Lucas, Fern Mallis, Mychael Knight, just to name a few were there. My highlight of the night was meeting, chatting and getting my picture taken with the one and only Fern Mallis! She is huge in the fashion world and is the creator of the world acclaimed New York Fashion Week!!! Yes, I felt like I had be graced with fashion royalty and could die happy! ha ha ha Here is the picture of me with the queen herself!

I decided to skip Friday night’s after party in favor of actually getting something to eat, so I head down the street to O-Ku. This place was just voted the best sushi in Charleston and it lived up to the name! And yes, I did take myself out to eat at a fancy restaurant… if I can travel alone I have no qualms with going to eat or to clubs under a party of one status. 🙂  I got the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll and the Black Dragon Roll (which had one of my favorite kinds of sushi… eel!). They both were amazing and if I lived in Charleston, I’m sure I would be eating there every chance I got!

Saturday Morning
I had to be under the tents on Marion Square bright and early for media check-in for the Bridal Show. This show was probably my favorite, I love to look at all the gorgeous dresses that seem to float down the runway. Ask me any other time if I want to get married and the chances are I’ll tell you I’d love to have the party and wear the dress, but the marriage? Not so much (at least not now or in my foreseeable future.. but I’ve learned never to say never). But ask me that at a brial fashion show and I’d get married in a hot second! There’s just something amazingly intoxicating about bridal fashion shows. This show was also really exciting for me because I got to sit front row in plush seats that felt like I was sitting on the edge of the runway they were so close. As for what I wore, I borrowed a gorgeous dusty pink sequin number from Ashley’s closet.

Dress: Delias
Shoes: Target, I had to wear my rhinestone sandal flats because my poor feet were so swollen and riddled with blisters
Necklace: Lauren Conrad
Bracelets: Lauren Conrad
Belt: I honestly can’t remember where I got this, I found it in my closet before I left for Charleston, ha ha

Saturday Night
Saturday night was the big Charleston Fashion Week finale and I couldn’t wait to wear my dress that my mom and I made. It happened as a last minute thing, I was out shopping for a finale dress when I found a shirt made of this light flowy gold fabric and instantly fell in love. The shirt was a size 3x and was beyond too big for me, but when I saw it I instantly wanted to turn it into a simple tube dress. So my mom taught me how to sew and we created this dress. It’s nothing spectacular, but I love it and I made it so to me its priceless. Between the dress, my hair and makeup I truly felt like a million bucks before even arriving to the event. Everything just seemed to fall into place, which is always an amazing feeling. After drinking an unnatural amount of water I even managed to squeeze my feet into some heels! I got the most compliments on this dress than any of the others I wore all week, which totally stroked my ego! Here is a standard picture of the dress and an up close photo of my hair and makeup…

Dress: Moi 😉
Shoes: Nude peep toe heels from Target
Necklace: Banana Republic

Well, loves, I’m swimming in fashion week photos, interviews and videos to go through and compile for you, so I’m signing out. I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing Monday evening.

Amy Wray

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