3 Things I’m Obsessed With…

Here’s 3 things that I’m currently obsessed with…
1. Essie nail polish in Turquoise and Caicos – I absolutely cannot get enough of this shade! It’s gorgeous, bright and spring-like.
2. Dev’s new cd, The Night the Sun Came Up – I have loved Dev for the last 2 years and I was beyond ecstatic that her debut full-album was FINALLY released! It’s full of Dev awesomeness and hot beats that I will be rocking well through the summer! I have a feeling this album is going to be my soundtrack of my summer to remember.
3. Fedoras – I love love love fedoras right now. They can totally be casual chic with a nice relaxed vibe or you can wear them paired with some fun accessories for a dressy casual look. I have a cream fedora with lace and gold sequins that I just adore and I also have a cool turquoise fedora embellished with pearls.

What are your current obsessions?


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