The Certainty of Uncertainty

Hello loves,

There’s a lot of things in life you can’t control. No matter how well you take care of yourself, how healthy you eat or how much you workout sometimes things just don’t work out like you hope, pray or plan. The last several days I have spent inside hospital rooms with my grandma. Seeing someone you love in a hospital bed is always hard no matter what the circumstances might be. I have felt a whirlwind of emotions with a big one being the sense of helplessness.

Last night as I was leaving for the night to get some sleep my grandmother asked me if I would do her hair and nails for her today when I came in to see her. Of course I said I would be happy too. I would be lying if I said this request didn’t just tickle me pink. I love helping people look and feel better (no matter how little that better may be). This morning as I was gathering all of my beauty products I decided to put them in this gaudy sequin bag that I had bought in L.A. I knew my grandma would get a kick out of it and seeing her smile is what I love to see. I also decided to pair my metallic gold flats with my army green cargo pants, plain white tee and gray cardigan to at a little sparkle of my own. A little sparkle always makes things a little better.

While life is always uncertain, at least in this moment I got to see Nanny smile as I styled her hair and gave her a manicure just like I did so many times growing up as my sister and I pretended to play ‘beauty shop’ with Nanny.


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