Nature’s Beauty in a Box

Hello Loves!

It’s one of my favorite times of the month again… Birchbox time!! This is only my third Birchbox that I have gotten, but I think this is my favorite box I have gotten so far! It’s the first one that I think I will actually use everything that was sent to me. The theme for the April Birchbox is natural wonders and is said to be full of products packed with nature’s best. The description card says, “You’ll find skincare packed with nourishing natural ingredients (they’re practically good enough to eat), healthy hair products, and an optimistic new fragrance. These wholesome picks will get you excited to take on everything from garden parties to spring cleaning.”

When I pulled back the neon tissue paper the first thing that caught my eye was the Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh cleansing facial towelettes. I always take my makeup off with facial towelettes because I feel like the liquid removers always leave behind an oily residue. The package in this month’s box contains eight travel towelettes that contain a blend of blueberries, apple and lemon peel to cleanse and moisturize with no need to rinse after using. I love how these make my skin feel after using and I love the lemony blueberry smell. A full size package contains 30 towelettes for $7.99

The next thing I saw was the Weleda Pomegranate Firming Night Cream, I have never heard of Weleda products so I was interested in learning more. Weleda is a skincare brand out of Switzerland that just added a new natural anti-aging pomegranate firming facial skincare line. The line consists of four products which include a firming day cream, firming night cream, firming serum and a firming eye cream. The packaging says this line is made of rich antioxidants to prevent and reverse the sigs of aging with the nutrients from organic pomegranate seed oil and golden millet that reduce the appearance of lines and stimulate regeneration. I have not tried this product yet, but I am anxious to see what it can do. The sample size that I received is 1/4 the size of a full size product (1.0 ounce) which retails for $37

In the wrapped and tied bundle I found three cute mini sized products. The first thing I pulled out was the Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine Colonge Absolue. At first I saw that it contained orange and I thought I would hate it, but I actually like it a lot. The notes are a pure blend of blood orange, jasmine and sandalwood and the perfect combination of these created a very familiar scent to me that I couldn’t place right off. The first impression is the blood orange with a wafting hint of sandalwood that is familiar of a delicious cocktail found in an upscale lounge downtown. After a moment the sandalwood lingers as notes of jasmine enter the picture which reminded of the type of gorgeous and sophisticated woman that would confidently sip such a cocktail. I definitely love this scent and look forward to wearing it on my next night out on the town. Depending on what size of bottle you purchase you will find a full size bottle retailing from $55 to $150

Next up was the Marula The Leakey Collection which is an omega rich pure marula oil. If you’re not familiar with marula (don’t feel bad, I had never heard of it either), it is a rare fruit that is found in East Africa. This fruit is said to be sustainably harvested to create this oil that has extremely high levels of antioxidants that help fight premature signs of aging. I am very interested in this product for it’s anti-aging components, however I’m hesitant to use it because it is an oil and I have oily skin. But I do plan to give it a try to see what it can do. I’m sure the few drops that are in the sample bottle are not nearly enough to see how well this product can work and the full size product of only 50 ml retails for $78 which is well beyond my beauty expenses.

Last but not least my favorite product in this month’s Birchbox and one I cannot wait to rock is the Zoya nail polish in Farah from their TRUE Spring Collection. This polish is a professional line that is touted as lasting twice as long as other manicures, which isn’t far fetched as I’ve had a professional manicure with Zoya before. I was really excited to get this color because it is a really light and creamy beige that I have been wanting to try for a while. The description of this particular polish and color says it rates high on the opaque scale and for once in the history of nail polish this claim is true!

Well there you have it! Do you get Birchbox? If so, what did you get this month?


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