Making the best out of every situation

Hello loves!

If you know me personally, then you know my family has been going through one of those curve balls that life always seems to throw your way unexpectedly. My beautiful grandmother, Louise, has been dealing with some health problems. While we are busy with doctor appointments, outpatient procedures and lots of waiting for answers grandma has been calling a fantastic rehabilitation facility home for the time being.

Due to her health problems, it has taken a great toll on her strength. Because of this she is spending time here to build her strength, stability and confidence in her abilities through several hours of physical therapy every day. She has made phenomenal progress in just the five weeks she has been here! When she got here she literally could barely hold up her head. And now look at her! I couldn’t be more proud of her and her determination to get stronger so she can return home in a few short weeks.

I love taking photos and being in photos and ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you my life is very well documented in photos. When this happened with my grandma I subconsciously started to document everything, it didn’t take long for it to dawn on me that I really should document this time in her life. So I consciously began documenting this journey not only for my grandma, but for myself. I feel in life there are moments and experiences that are called, ‘defining moments’ and I strongly feel that this time is/going to be a defining moment in my family’s lives, and if not it is definitely going to be a defining moment in my life.

I have already learned so much about myself and of course about my grandma through this experience thus far. I have always considered myself close to my grandma, but over the last year I made a point to get closer to her and to spend time with her. I was in college for seven years earning my degrees and for the first few years I was just plain selfish and chose to spend time with my friends over my family. Then once I matured and started feeling guilty for those selfish years and wanting to spend time with family I was over my head in books and literally spent all of my time studying and working various internships.

A year ago I finally graduated for the last time and actively decided to spend more time with my family because I realize they will not be here forever.  I feel so blessed that I have a job that allows me to work from home which allows me to spend lots of time with my grandma every day. Here are a few of the recent photos I have captured within the last week.

Grandma and I on Mother’s Day

Grandma getting used to the Cadillac of walkers, her’s will be pink.

Grandma walking without a walker with the aid of her fantastic physical therapist holding onto her.

Look at her go!


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