10 Chic Home Offices

Hello loves!

As you know I am the editor of the online publication, Mod City Mag, so as you can imagine I love a fabulous and chic yet professional looking office. I could spend hours scouring the internet looking at different offices. I have always said that as long as my house has a huge walk-in closet and a home office space, I would be satisfied. When ever I re-do my office or move I will definitely be taking different aspects from all of these offices to create my perfect office. Here are 10 of my favorite offices I came across today while on Pinterest.


I love this clear desk chair!


I love that this desk has a Buddha statue! I have several in my office and garden.

Which office is your favorite? Would you decorate your office like any of these? 


8 thoughts on “10 Chic Home Offices

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  4. It’s so hard to pick! But if I have to, I would pick 4 and 6! I’ve started decorating my small home office corner too. I have white monitor, speaker, keyboard to match! Im just looking for a wide white table with storage like the one in #6… thanks for a great post!

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