Spaghetti for Memorial Day? What?

Hello loves!

While most American’s are spending their Memorial Day at pool parties noshing on hamburgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill our family is enjoying a less traditional menu. We almost always have my family birthday dinner on Memorial Day and since it is my birthday I get to choose what we eat for dinner. I always request my mom make her spaghetti, it’s my favorite meal that no one can make better than my mama. There is nothing special about her spaghetti, she doesn’t even make her own sauce, but because it’s my mom’s spaghetti no one can touch a candle to it. ha ha. So we had a spaghetti dinner with vanilla cupcakes for dessert. In fact, we had vanilla cupcakes and Black Raspberry Chip Graeter’s Ice Cream… amazing!

How did you spend your Memorial Day? 


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