A Relaxing Birthday

Hello loves!

Yesterday was my actual birthday and it was a fabulous day! Since I wasn’t doing any actual celebrating with anyone I decided to spend the day in total relaxation. Relaxation is something that is far and few between in my life, I have a lot on my plate that keeps me busy 7 days a week. So I promised myself for my birthday I was going to take a totally “Me Day.” No work, no stress, worry-free relaxation. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull it off or not. But, it did and it was wonderful!

My day started with a birthday breakfast consisting of a cream horn and a birthday card from the love of my life (isn’t he cute holding the card in the photo below?). I spent the morning keeping up with birthday wishes being posted to my Facebook timeline and watching a marathon of Happily Divorced. The majority of the afternoon was spent in total relaxation as a sunbathed in the backyard sipping on a peach margarita. Man, I’ve missed being able to soak up the sun in my backyard! I am so excited summer is finally here! My dad made me dinner, which was an amazing grilled veggie pesto pizza. I ended the night by baking cupcakes, which will be served later today at my family celebration for my birthday.

I hope you all are enjoying the long weekend!!


P.S. It’s a good thing birthday calories don’t count! My belly has been busting from good food all weekend! ha ha.

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