A mid-day confession

Hello loves!

I have a confession to make: I enjoy watching and reading as other people’s drama unfolds out in the open.

I would say I am an open book type of person. However there are certain things I refuse to post on the Internet for public consumption. But just because I have a certain degree of standards when I post to social networks doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it when others live their life with a play by play online. Yes some of it gets annoying (I really couldn’t care less to see another picture of how silly your cat is. I got that you’re bored out of your mind the first time you posted it, you’re really just beating a dead horse the 4th time today you’ve mentioned it. Its not necessary to post numerous sourpuss self portraits everyday ‘me bored at work,’ ‘me caught in the rain pumping gas,’ ‘me after a long and bad day.’ Seriously, one more photo and I’m going to feel compelled to inbox you the number for the suicide hotline.) But even the annoying posts can ward off your own boredom for a while.

Call me petty, but there is just something about a good Facebook drama or twitter feud that just makes my day a little bit better. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a self proclaimed reality show junkie that these little burst of social media drama just tickle my fancy so that I pull up a front row seat with a bucket of popcorn (hold the butter, please).

Whew! I feel better now that I’ve gotten that confession off my chest. ha ha. Am I alone in this? Or are you just not ready to admit it, yet?


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