It’s a good thing!

Hello loves!


Today is the birthday of one of the people that I admire most, Ms Martha Stewart! Today she celebrates her 71st birthday… can you believe she is 71 years old?!?! I can’t!! I have loved watching Martha Stewart since I was a little girl and my grandma was my babysitter to now watching her daily talkshow and perusing her websites. She is one of the first people that really lit my creative spark and I love that!

I even had the chance to meet Martha Stewart in person many years ago in 2006 at one of her book signings. I could have died right then and there!! ha ha! I bought a sweater and donned my pearls and she even complimented me on my outfit… I died. Here is a photo of her and I together back then… I wish this wasn’t such a small and awful resolution photo… but back in 2006 camera phones weren’t as legit as they are today. But I digress.

Here’s to you, Martha! Happy Birthday and wishing you many many more to come!!


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