#5things that got me through this week

Hello loves!

I love following the #5things hashtag on Twitter, so I thought I would do my own this week… my #5things that got me through this week.

1. A fan. Seriously. Fans (and lots of them) have made my house (somewhat) bearable the last couple days. This AC is running on it’s last leg… no exaggeration, it’s older than I am.


2. Mr Big. He’s always on my list of things I couldn’t live without ❤

3. Water. Because I drink an unnatural amount of this stuff every day. It’s a habit I picked up last year when I juiced for 2 months… I’m pretty sure my bladder has a love/hate relationship with this habit.

4. Filled Twizzlers. This is a disaster. They’re so delicious and one week a month I eat them like they’re going out of business then I spend the next three weeks burning off the calories. It’s a vicious cycle.

5.  My pool. I cannot even begin to express how happy and grateful I am that I have my own pool that I can take a dip in anytime I want during the summer months. I get in this thing every chance I get! I relax on a float with a cocktail and sometimes I even do my work on my iPad right from my pool. It’s nothing short of amazing in my book!

Well there you have it! My #5things that got me through this week! What got you through this week?


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