How to make cookie dough, Oreo loaded brownies

Hello loves!

Last night I spent my Monday night watching the Golden Girls (my all-time favorite show) and making cookie dough, Oreo loaded brownies for the first time. What are loaded brownies? Well, you may have seen them on Pinterest called ‘slutty brownies,’ but I don’t like that name so I call them loaded brownies… because, well, they’re loaded with sweet tooth goodies! If you’re PMSing, this chocolatey goodness is just what the doctor ordered.

While I love to cook and bake I don’t always have the time to bake and cook from scratch so I cheat. Just a little. But if you want to get technical about it, I did make these at home… just some food for thought. ha ha. So how do you make these? It’s so simple! I took half a sheet of break and bake peanut butter cup peanut butter cookie dough and spread it so it evenly covered the bottom of an 8×8 pan. I then made a layer of oreos, followed by topping it all off with box mix brownies. I popped them in the oven at 375 degrees for 30-35mins and then let them cool enough to slice in! These are delicious, but one warning… they’re incredibly rich! Overindulging shouldn’t be a problem for me, I can only eat one of these squares at a time.

If you want to me Miss Fancy Pants you could make these delish bites from scratch, or you can cheat like me. Enjoy!


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