A Pinterest Catastrophe

Hello loves!!

If you follow my blog you know that I get a lot of my inspiration for anything and everything from Pinterest. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas, diy projects, recipes, etc. to try and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like I have super powers as I scroll through my feed. Pin after pin I found myself saying, ‘I can do that!’ ‘I can totally do that!’ ‘Ohhhh, I can do that even better than that!’ and of course the occasional, ‘Why would anyone even want to do that?’ ha ha.

As I was going through my Pinterest feed this morning I came across a blog that I’m sure I could quickly find myself spending hours scrolling through the entries. This blog is called Pinstrosity and it is genius and hilarious! It’s a blog consisting of post after post of photos and stories submitted by Pinterest lovers who have tried their best at recreating a pin only for it to go completely awry.

I’m telling you this website is nothing short of amazing! Some will leave you laughing while others leave you cringing your face in  pinner empathy. Then there’s others that you can completely relate to and think to yourself, “ha ha that is totally what would happen if I attempted that!”

Here is a few of my favorites that I have come across already, and I haven’t even really sunk my teeth in all they way yet so just imagine what disaster treasures you will find buried in this gem of a blog!

 The Pinterest Success: Squirmy Worms

The Pinterest Fail: Squirmy Worms

The Pinterest Success: DIY Pastel Jeans

The Pinterest Fail: DIY Pastel Jeans

I told you this website is amazing! ha ha I can absolutely 100% see that total fail of DIY Pastel Jeans happening to me!! Being a very creative person I sometimes (okay… many times) improvise if I don’t have all of the needed supplies or think I can accomplish the same result in a different way. Sometimes it works out just like I want it too and other times it happens to be a mistake the just keeps on getting worse as the project rolls on. I’m sure if you consider yourself a pretty crafty and creative person, you can relate.

Then other times you can follow the directions exactly the way they say and your end result can be the exact opposite of what you were suppose to get. Not too long ago I wanted to make my own cake and icing from scratch. I consider myself a pretty good cook and baker, most the time when I set out to make something nothing goes awry. However, I don’t usually have the time to make everything that I would like from scratch and when I do have to cut corners in the kitchen I have a very unique philosophy of homemade, which you can find out here when I shared a recipe for brownies with a delicious twist. Anyways, getting back to the cake and icing… the cake went off without a hitch. The icing… not so much. At all, actually. I scoured Pinterest for a great, but easy, recipe for a vanilla bean buttercream. I followed the directions to a T… however, it was a epic fail. Instead of creating a fluffy delectable icing it looked like I had made a watered down homemade version of Elmer’s glue. Needless to say, my made from scratch cake was topped with store bought icing. ha ha.

Now I want to know… what is your own Pinterest fail? Comment below and share!


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