Beauty: Fantasy Hair

Hello loves!

I don’t know about you, but I totally fantasize about having different hair colors. I could never actually make the drastic change… there’s just something about my soft black tresses that I just can’t part with. I think it’s the whole dark, mysterious and sultry-ness of it that keeps me me in my dark hue. It’s also pretty close to my natural hair color which is a midnight brown anyways.

I’d love to change my hair color, but I hate that it’s a permanent change that you have to commit too. If I could change it for a day or two then go back to my normal hair color, I totally would!

Lately, I’ve seen these two photos floating around the internet and I have to say, the more I see them the more I fall in love with them. I could never rock this fantasy gray hair color, but I totally love how it looks on these two girls!




What do you think of this fantasy gray hair color? Love it or hate it?


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