This is what a casual day off in NYC looks like if you’re Amy Wray

Hello loves!

Today was the only day that I didn’t have any shows, events or appointments. Since I hit the ground running I was thoroughly looking forward to this, even if it was only for half the day.  The city was mine for the taking! After eating the most healthy breakfast (correction, the only breakfast) I’ve had on this trip of a giant blueberry crumb muffin which I got Sunday at the farmer’s market on the Upper West Side and coconut water I packed everything up.  Then I was out the door hitting the pavement, which led me to Loehman’s. Ohhh Loehman’s, how I heart you! Designer clothes at discount prices and I can’t help but shop here hoping to see Fran from The Nanny fighting over the last orange crop cardigan sweater. I know, too much late night TV Land tv for me. Ha ha ha.

Then after walking for what seemed like forever we arrived to Macy’s at Herald Square. I adore walking through Macy’s, who doesn’t? I don’t know about you, but when I walk through a clothing store I am always dissecting the clothes, comparing them to fashion magazines and what’s off the runway.


I’m always thinking what would go great with other pieces. Honestly, this is one of my most favorite things to do! It probably helps my pocket book because I suppose I get some odd gratification from creating different outfits in my head that I don’t feel the need to spend every penny I own. It’s taking me literally years to get to this strong stance in shopping self-control! It doesn’t happen over night, ladies! That’s for damn sure.


We then took a stroll to Times Square. There is so much happening and so many things going on in this particular space of NYC.


While I was here it looked like Elmos had invaded NYC… seriously there were like eight Elmos just lurking around Times Square trying to get fresh with adults. Thanks to them I now will have nightmares of a puppet on a stick from Sesame Street. Thanks creepy Elmo.


On my casual day I wore a baggy plain sheer dark gray shirt with a black bra, black leggings and my gray faux Uggs. Funny story… I didn’t realize my shirt was sheer and see through until I was at Loehman’s and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I’m just glad I didn’t go super casual and foregone the bra. Even more funny story? I didn’t notice until I got back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and check out that I had a dime size hole in my leggings on my left butt cheek. Even though I was wearing panties no one would have guessed as it was the first time I’ve worn nude color panties with these leggings instead of black. So yes, I strutted my stuff across NYC with what looked like my butt cheek showing… I’m sure it’s not the oddest thing anyone saw today either. Ha ha ha.


Right now I’m sitting on the charter jet enjoying a glass of white wine as I type and from the eight business men that are sitting here surrounding me I have come to the conclusion that most business men are just immature little boys that wear ties.



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