These shoes are so sexy they need their own blog post

Hello loves!

While I was in New York City I made a stop at Macy’s, totally not expecting to buy anything. But then I came across the Jessica Simpson Collection section and my heart could not be still. Jessica Simpson is my favorite shoe brand. In fact, there really isn’t anything from the Jessica Simpson Collections that I don’t like!

Remembering that somewhere deep inside the luggage of a handbag I carry I had a $20 gift card mixed with a to die for sale section my eyes made contact with the sexiest shoe I have literally ever seen in my life! How amazing are these shoes?!?!

photo 4

I would show you the photo I took of them on my feet, but fashion week did a horrible number on my feet… swollen, cracked, blistered. The whole nine yards. I thought I would spare you all of that sight so it wouldn’t take anything away from this amazing shoe! My heart stopped when I laid eyes on them and I had to have them. I mean I. Had. To. Have. Them!!! How could I not want them? I mean are these not the sexiest shoes you’ve ever seen?  I’m in love…



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