Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hello loves!

I can’t wait for warmer weather! I am so over these dull, gray winter skies… I hate how the weather can totally control my mood. I need to move some place warm with lots of sun… open for suggestions! ha ha ha.

Never fear, though! Spring is just a few short weeks away!! Yay!!! And we all know, with spring comes spring showers. Even though when it rains, I try to avoid going out in it like the plague. But, sometimes you just can’t dodge the rain drops, so I’m coming prepared this year! Check out these adorable rain gear finds I found…

Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away Clear UmbrellaI’m in love with this umbrella!! How adorable is this umbrella? It’s a Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away Clear Umbrella from Bloomingdale’s and retails for $65. It’s a bit pricy for an umbrella, but think of it as a great investment especially if you have to be outside a lot. It’s a deep umbrella so it makes for keeping your hair looking great and keeps you dry. Plus I just love that it has a cute heart graphic and says, ‘Rain rain go away‘ along the brim.

Hunter Boot Champery High Wedge Bo Boots

If you like to keep your toes and shoes dry when it’s wet outside, but hate the style of rain boots… then I have the perfect thing for you! These Champery high wedge boots by Hunter Boots are some high fashion wellies if I’ve ever seen one. They’re classic black and add a little femininity with the high wedge heel. Just think how chic you will look out and about in the rain as well as inside on rainy days.

Chooka Boot Posh Dots Boots


How retro chic are these Chooka Boot Posh Dots rain boots?! I love love love them!

Jessica Simpson - Skirted Satin Rain Trench Coat

Whether you are the rain boot wearing kind or not, you have to have a rain coat! The more chic, the better… well, in my opinion! You all know I am a huge fan of the Jessica Simpson Collection (remember these shoes I bought while in NYC for New York Fashion Week last month??) so I am just dying over this skirted satin rain trench coat by the Jessica Simpson Collection!! It’s amazingly chic, don’t you think?

Now you’re prepared for all the spring rain, too! Which is your favorite?



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