H&M Launching Online Store in USA

Hello loves!

I’ve seen this headline many times about H&M finally launching online shopping available in the U.S. All I have to say about this is: promises, promises. H&M is like the little boy who cried wolf when it comes to online shopping here in the states. I don’t know what or why they have been dragging their feet about this for years because I really think they’re losing out on a great opportunity.

Fabulously Disheveled H and M online shopping in US

According to SheFinds.com, at the latest H&M staff meeting employees were given a date of June 2013 for the launch of online shopping for the U.S. I really really hope this is a set in stone date and this is really actually going to happen this time. But, I can’t help but feel like I’ll believe it only when I’m able to see it.

Come on, H&M!!! Give us online shopping privileges! We’re begging you!!

Do you love shopping at H&M?


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